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Get set for the 2017 season!
prepare for your hike with our helpful tips
As this goes out we have just said goodbye to our friends and family in Australia and have arrived back on Italian soil in time to celebrate Pasqua with our friends over here.

Preparations for the spring tours are in full swing and we are busy fine-tuning the arrangements for the up-coming season.  But it is not too late to join us this year if you want to make a last-minute booking.  We have just a handful of available spaces as follows:

1 space on Tuscan Harvest from 13 - 20 September

1 space on Parma, Tuscany & Ligurian Sea from 22 - 29 September

3 spaces on Wilds of Abruzzo from 3 - 11 October

2 spaces on Slovenia & Friuli from 14 - 22 October

6 spaces on Southern Italy from 14 - 22 October

3 spaces on Jewels of Piedmont from 25 October - 1 November

Please get in touch soon if you would like to snap up one of these holidays! We'd love to see you!


The Art of the Apertivo
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Now is the time to get in shape for your 2017 hike!
There is no doubt that your enjoyment of a hiking holiday is increased with a little pre-trip preparation and some work on your fitness levels.
We have a useful website page with top tips on getting ready to hike with us, along with some useful stretches and exercises to ensure that you are in optimum shape for the start of your holiday!
See our guide to some favourite holiday reads!
Nothing brings a country to life like reading about it as you are travelling through.
We have a great list of fictional and non-fictional titles set in all the different areas where we hike and these evocative stories can truly add another dimension to your travels on foot.
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